Modeling Or Pointless Nudity? #237ModelingEvolution

I’ve observed the media fuss about what seems to be a trend in Cameroon modeling industry today: Nudity! Wow! I never thought we will get here so fast! Always thought we had a couple of more years but well, I guess the android generation cannot wait to take it off. So since we are here, we might as well address the elephant in the room! Continue reading


Focus: 237 Fashion Industry

Looking at how far we have come in terms of entertainment in general,I can’t help but give a round of applause to all those who worked tirelessly to get the industry to this point. However we just ain’t there yet and might not get there in long time if we don’t fix all that’s holding us back. As always, this is my opinion! (This week the focus is on the Fashion Industry. Movie and Music industry will follow consequently!)

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Body Art: A Do or Don’t?

Dont ask what inspired this talk on body art!! Hi hihi I won’t tell!! But trust me, it’s a long story! Well body art includes Tattoos, piercings and every other additional “decor” (lol) that one adds to their skin.  Continue reading

FOR THE LOVE OF St.Valentine

The Valentine season is almost here and we are celebrating the first couple to start off the season.


Passion of Fashion

Gotcha!!! Get your mind out of the Gutter!! Hahahhaa! Not that kind of coupled up you got in your head. These two are a match made in fashion heaven and will in turn give “real” couples a touch of romance this season of love. Cameroons’ Photographer and CEO of Team Kelly B Photography , Kelly Blaise Achu and WE TREND ANKARA boss Lady , Manyitabot Rachel Tambe partner to exhibit the Motherlands’ rich fashion brands prior to the St.Valentine festival of love. All designs of this love and fashion filled shoot are the creative work of Rachel of We Trend Ankara Designs. Dede Folefo is the creative/ talented make-up artist for the shoot and of course, the captivating images that display the passion in fashion, is the handiwork of Kelly B photography.
The beautiful town of Buea served as the perfect location for this budding love story between romance, photography and fashion. Team KellyB Models flaunted their talents on set while rocking these unique designs and the result?? The amazing shots you see on this post.

Sweetie, you’ve got a billion ways to tell your partner how much you love them this season, get We Trend Ankara Designs on top of that list and you get a personal Vals gift from me. Here it is; when you get your “matchy” outfit, contact KellyB for an epic shot of a moment you will treasure forever with the one your heart yearns for. Tell Kelly B I sent you, he’ll give you a shot for half the fare hahahahhahahaha !! (Kelly B no rob me ooo, just go with the flow). On est quand-meme au Cameroun nor? Si tu connais quelqu’un c’est mieux pour toi. hihihihih!! Celebrate your nation through your partner this season, they’re both worth it!!

Happy Valentine season Dolls!!

Love, Sammy!


Today we celebrate the amazing photographers behind the bold and beautiful pictures that flood the Cameroonian scene and social media. Personally, I am so glad that the stereotype often attached to photographers and photography as being  “just a pass time”, “a mean job” and even “a mediocre and cheap way to make small money” has become a thing of the past in Cameroon.

Photography like music and film in the country has experienced a rebirth and has been redefined over time. I applaud photography as an art in the way the pictures tell a story. As a science, in the way every ray of light has a role to play in perfecting the final picture and as a practical skill with regards to the talent of the man behind the camera.The common adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is indeed true and so far Cameroonian Photographers have perfected the art of communicating feelings, emotions, culture, mood and what have you in their amazing photos. I picked my six favorite photographers in Cameroon for this article; hope you agree with me on this selection.

She is Chantal Eddie. A female photographer who prides herself in  elegant and quality pictures that portray true beauty and celebrates womanhood. She is a canon Queen;A well deserving one at that.


Meet Penjo Baba! All hail the “Baba” of wedding photography and video coverage. Ever since he introduced his work, weddings have a new touch of class and grandeur. Elegant,different and beautiful, Penjo Photography captures the most important day in your life and freezes time and emotion forever.


Meet Kelly Blaise Achu! Based in the South West region where the entertainment industry is booming, he sure is the “it”guy.He has a different and interesting angle to artistic photography and he also captures the epic moments in his wedding photos.


Meet William Nsai! He has creative shots and one of the most fascinating under water shots too. He has worked with several models and artist and besides photography he directs videos too. Young, energetic and a killer mind for fine photography, William Nsai is indeed a Cameroonian Treasure. Continue reading

AND THE WINNER IS………………………..#MissWestAfricaCameroon2016


Its official people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The winner of the International Miss West Africa Cameroon Beauty Pageant is ……… drum roll pleaaaaaase …….Miss Fodje Jency.( ohh i must brag that i know her personally from way back school days hahahahaha so am dupa supa proud too) The very talented super model has been on top of her game for the past years and winning this contest is just the icing on the cake for the newly crowned Miss West Africa International Cameroon.


She is the face of Numero Uno boutique and was also the winner of Miss Cameroon Regional 2014 for the North West region although she later pulled out of the competition for professional reasons. I know for sure though that this is one competition the mega model will hold out till the end and definitely win!. OK, just in case you are not as obsessed with these kind of stuff , here is recap of what the competition is about and the events that led to this moment.

Cameroon as a West African country is part of the race to find ‘the’ Miss West Africa 2016. Selection and screening of aspirants was done months ago and the short listed girls had a week filled with activities and elimination at the Semme Beach Hotel Limbe Cameroon. These activities involved intellectual  tests, knowledge of our culture, cooking skills, and pageant guidelines.  Online campaigns were made and the public got a chance to vote to keep their favorite Miss in the running. Saturday 24th was the set date for the final during which Miss Fodje Jency received the crown from the now former Miss West Africa Cameroon,the beautiful Miss Nsang Dilong. Miss Fodje Jency is now charged with the responsibility to represent Cameroon in the Grand Finale scheduled to take place in Senegal. She will be needing all the support you guys can give her to make her dream and that of this country come true! You Go Girl!! God and Us got Ur back! And just a word to those of you who feel like your dreams seem far fetched because you are where you are right now, let Jency and all other Cameroonian youths who are making their dreams, their reality right here in this country be all the inspiration you need! #YouAreAmazing #TeamMaFoj (Only pemexans will get that last hashtag doh! lol) #GoGetThem