“In Every Relationship, Three is a crowd” – A saying every man knows but mind fully ignores

As much as I tried to fight it, I couldn’t help but ponder about the other woman. What did she look like? Why did he need her? What did he tell her about me? Did it bother her that we were in this love triangle? And the thought that sent chills down my spine was “Did she even exist or am I just crazy?” Continue reading



I submitted this short story for the 237 Sisters Speak 2016 Essay competition some months ago. I didn’t win (of course! else I would’ve flaunted it all over. lmao!) but my story was selected for further editing before publishing (Yaaay, still great right?) Wanted to share it with you guys and get feedback! (Yea, you all mean that much). Each story submitted was supposed to highlight a social problem faced by the female population in Cameroon. My story highlights the moral decadence that plagues female job seekers in Cameroon. The lengthiness of the story is accordance with essay rules. Biko no vex! Hope its a good read!

Love, Me.

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…….  You made it*** Here is the thing, we all or most of us have been through tough times in our lifetime. I say ¨You made it¨ if you are reading this because to me it just means whatever it is that made you feel like the walls are closing in on you did not kill u sweetie. You are reading this blog post so believe it and say it out LOUD ^I made it^. It is all going to be OK in the end, if it is not then that is definitely not the end. I use to tell people when they seek my advice in times of crisis to just relax and worry not because all will be Ok. Real talk? till you have been down that road you just never really understand how difficult it is to overcome a tough period in life.

It is never easy and I don’t know about you but for me, NA GOD O!!! Every hurt,stress, worry, and impossibility take it to God and leave it there! Not trying to sound all *Churchy churchy but this is a highly recommended permanent cure for stressful and difficult times. You have to learn to control your mind, once you can do that then you automatically control your life. Think positive thoughts, BELIEVE that everything in life happens for a reason, TRUST that all your errors are lessons and HOPE that once you pull through whatever huddle you have in your life now, you will be a better version of you!

BE GRATEFUL! Be grateful for the rain because it teaches you to appreciate the sun. Be grateful for the wrong ones, they helped you cherish the right ones, be grateful for every tear because in each tear there is a lesson and be grateful to God because believe it or not that situation you are dealing with now could be more critical than it is. Smile so broad it annoys those staring at you hahahahaha, dance like your feet will be gone tommorow, love like you have never been hurt and just breathe cuz someone somewhere is taking their last breath but you hunie are reading this!!! YES, YOU MADE IT!!!! Long as God got YOU, You gon be alright!! -Kendrick Lamar!