“In Every Relationship, Three is a crowd” – A saying every man knows but mind fully ignores

As much as I tried to fight it, I couldn’t help but ponder about the other woman. What did she look like? Why did he need her? What did he tell her about me? Did it bother her that we were in this love triangle? And the thought that sent chills down my spine was “Did she even exist or am I just crazy?” Continue reading


A Valentines Day Letter of Request (For Urgent Attention please)

To Whom It May Concern,

So…the 14th of February is around the corner and well you can get pissed off at lovers for no reason or go gift shopping depending on your relationship status! Continue reading

#Relationships: 5 Ways To Keep A Man

I’ve come across so many posts and articles on the media on ” how to keep a man”.Some of the requirements are just fascinating. Well I had an idea of my own and came up with five ways I think you can keep your man. Well let’s hear it then. Continue reading

Snooping: A relationship Do or Don’t?

Snooping is the art of lurking (lmao) and lurking is the art of searching for information on someone from them without their knowledge (Swear I don’t know what scholar made that up or I just imagined it . Well you get the point)

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Is there any such thing as a “Good breakup?”

My girls and I are like  a group therapy that doesn’t end…literally!! So we had this talk on “good” and “bad” breakups some months ago. People often say “No we are good. It was a good breakup” . Sometimes they say “If I ever talk to A or B again…it will be in my next life”. Now that’s the type of thing you say after a bad breakup.  Continue reading


“Being single is bad; very bad. For girls being single means you can’t find or keep a man or you are too picky. For the guys; being single means you have commitment issues or you are sexually reckless” – Society

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Dear Future Wifey …(Reply to the “Dear Future Husband” Letter)

Dear future wives,

    We got a reply to our Dear Future Husband letter!!! How amazing is that!!? Y’all remember that right? Well if you don’t , please go back to my previous posts find it, read it and then come catch up! I got this in my mail, with no name and the email address sounds really weird. Am guessing whoever sent it meant to stay as anonymous as possible. Well, Mr Anonymous, I hear you!! And if you are reading this, just let me say you will be a great husband someday and I hope there are many more of your kind out there for my dear future wives.(hahahahha hmmm I am taking this “Future wife spokesperson” job very seriously ooo, Oya wuna pay me). That said, I really appreciate you for reading and taking time out from your travels (you will get what I mean by that when you read the letter) to write a response to the “Dear Future Husband” letter. God Bless your kind soul and grant you your every desire (Ayeeee I bad for cajole readers ooo) Keep reading and sharing! Thank you lots! Oya, future wives enjoy this letter from your dream future husband!

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