#Inspiration #WCW: Behold the Dreamer, Imbolo Mbue

People often say “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough”. Here’s a twist in that plot! Imbolo Mbue being a first time writer with a top chart novel success didn’t have such scary big dreams with regards to writing but her reality for sure shook the whole world up! In an interview to Vogue Magazine she says “I didn’t grow up thinking I would be a writer,” Imbolo Mbue says with a laugh. “I don’t think anyone in my hometown (Limbe,Cameroon) was a writer.”  Continue reading


Style meets Class: Pullman Douala Rabingha Welcomes Music Royalty AKA Maitre Gims

An excellent “welcome to Cameroon” reception drinks has been organised by Pullman Douala Rabingha to honour the arrival of the legendary French rapper Gandhi Djuna popularly known as Maitre Gims and his team today April 18th 2017. Continue reading


We caught up with Cameroonian Artist and songwriter, Bonzyz following the realease of his latest single “My Voice” ft Leonette directed by Chuzih Dadido and of course he is our #mcm for the day! Continue reading

WCW: #237 Model Tancho Zinky

It’s Wednesday !! The only official day it’s totally OK (in Africa lol) to publicly crush on a lady..even if you are a lady. Today we are crushing on Black Beauty and Cameroonian model, Tancho Zinky! Continue reading


Once again Cameroonian artist are making their mark in the home industry and prior to the video release of the his hit song titled “Cameroonian Girl” ft Kmers King Kong Stanley Enow, Samyra’s blog had a little chat with Cameroonian Golden Boy, Nabcis on the whole idea of his latest track and his experience working with Stanley Enow.

Nabcis is a young and very talented artist. I first met him at the Ratu International Festival last year where he gave a mind blowing performance during the music and movie workshop part of the event. Talented, handsome and hardworking are a few of his top qualities. “My passion for music has given me a reason to fight for something I believe in and not only am I living my dream, I am living a reality I never dreamt of”, he says. The artist behind the inspirational track “We Get One Life” is very passionate about his new collabo with Stanley Enow. “Working with Stanley was amazing’’ He says, “He has a great sense of humor. He was very patient with everyone on set too. He is one of my home based role models and so his support /guidance through the concept till realization of this track was nothing short of a blessing to me and my career”, he narrates.


The video plot is centered on Nabcis search for the perfect Cameroonian Girl to build a future with. He goes far and wide crossing through bad roads and rivers all in a bid to find this girl. He is accompanied by his best friend who is played by the beautiful Melanie Ngeh.


After searching with no luck he realizes that the love he has been searching for was right beside him- his best friend. He explains that this is very common in our society today thus the inspiration of his new single. People often search far and wide for something they want and for some reason they do not see that which is right under their nose. Now that’s something fascinating, isn’t it?
The track is another epic and high definition video from the gold purse of the talented director Mr. Adrenaline (Chakap Am). It was produced by DJ Pazoo and shot in Douala, Cameroon. The video was released yesterday and it is available on Youtube. Watch, like and support Kmers own Nabcis. Oya Cameroonian Girls make we dance. This one is by Nabcis and Stanley for U!! You are Welcome by the way!! Just ‘cuz I know after watching the video you will want to thank them and me. Hihihihihihihhihi!! It’s a beautiful track and colorful video too. You will love it as much as I Do. #Team237 #WeGoingPlaces #HottestTrackRightNow



She’s the voice behind ‘Getting on my bad side’ and her newest single ‘The Ting’ is picking up steam across Europe and Africa, Hi Zemie!

Zemie: Hey Sammy. Thank you for having me . Ready? Cuz i was born ready. This is going to be fun.


The face behind the voice. Ms.Zemie

You’re welcome.I bet it will be. So who is Zemie?

Zemie: I am a Cameroonian born artist. My birth name is Tekonang Stephanie Noela and  I hail from the South West Region of the country. I moved to the U.S few years ago but i started my career in Cameroon from a very young age.

Tell me about your music journey, Zemie.

Zemie: Like most fine tuned artists in the industry today my musical journey started from singing in a choir called the Cherubims Choir way back in my Secondary School days. I wrote songs at the time too, so being in choir helped merge my passion for writing with my understanding of melody which are the two most important tools any aspiring original artist needs. I later on became part of an acapella girl group with two of my friends but that didn’t last because i had to change schools. While in the University of Buea, I was introduced to BJ Zama . I recorded my first single at his home studio. I also worked with Cejay Records later on.

Growing up African, am sure your parents wanted you to be a doctor, an engineer or  a journalist. I know our parents think those are ideal career choices for us. How did they handle your decision to take music as your own ‘white collar’ profession?

Zemie: (laughs) I know right? Our parents know they did right by us when we end up in a fancy office with a “real” job as they call it. Well, my dad (May His Dear Soul R.I.P) was my number one fan. Being a literature teacher, he thought me the art of poetic writing and bought me my first lyric book. He will meet up with my acapella group and help us with our song finesse. He was indeed my motivation. My mom however was very concerned about my academic success. Being as smart as I am (she smiles) I was able to make her proud by having amazing grades at school and still do music. My siblings as well have shown me nothing but love and for that am grateful.

Brilliant aren’t u?! So how is the music scene in the U.S where u now live for a young Cameroonian artist like yourself?

Zemie:  All together it has been a rough road, but am threading it and knocking on the right doors. The U.S is not a popular hit location for African music and to succeed you need a really good promotion team and also you need to put in some serious work so you stand out. When i moved here i did research to find African producers because they get our African touch of music. After sacrificing time and money, I met TafSound Productions and since then every part of the puzzle has been fitting in the right space . Things are looking up for me here in the states with regards to my music. I am a student here and I also have a full time job. Joggling music,school and work can get really stressful at times but By His Grace i keep it moving. A girls’ gotta do what a girls’ gotta do right? (laughs)

Tell me about it!! We have to keep it moving darling. So I heard your latest single “The Ting” and girl, that song reminds me of a really steamy love affair. Am intrigued and like many of your fans I’ll like to know what or who (laughs) is your motivation for that track?


Cover photo for the single “The Ting”

Zemie; You’re absolutely right. The Ting is  a love song. A really sexy love song I must say. I believe there is something about someone you’re in love with that appeals you. Something about them got your full attention in the first place, and now you can’t get enough of them unno? That attraction, that force, that need and the undying passion, that is…..The Ting. I draw a lot of inspiration from love. I mean it is literally everywhere around us, there is just no way one can’t be inspired by a force so strong. (laughs) I love, Love. If that even makes any sense but i know you get the point. The Ting is an Intro of the songs I’ve been working on. A sweet tease from my goody bag of hits to come.

One more reason to love Zemie huh? Your deep passion is inspiring. OK. Lets ease up the heat a little. Tell me about the most embarrassing event in your life.

Zemie; I will never forget that day no matter how hard i try. I met an old friend at a public place and walked up to her with a smile and open arms and she just stood there with a blank stare like she has never met me before. I was so embarrassed but thanks to her, now am just really reserved with my emotions when I meet people. I will give my all never to have a replay of that event. hahahahahahaha!!

 U definitely need a trophy for the most embarrassing moment winner. Well, you are who you are now and I bet she’s telling everyone how she knows you.  Who’s laughing now huh? What is your opinion on the music industry back home? Any favorite artists?

Zemie; Ikr?  The music scene back home is very encouraging. New talented artist come up everyday and I am really excited the World is beginning to notice us. We are getting nominated as well as winning international awards. I mean… what’s not to love right? I admire Stanley Enow for putting Cameroonian music out there and Jovi for leading the Music revolution in young artists. Big Ups to them.

To end this interview tell me about current projects, future projects and you may say a word to  ‘Team Zemie” your fans back home.

Zemie: I am currently shooting the video for “The Ting” the trailer is out already and I have a couple of singles am working on for my New Album. To my beautiful soul fans, I say THANK YOU for believing in me, for spreading the love and escaping into my music. Every hit is for you guys and I love you all. The sky is our springboard. I also like to  thank Sama Petelsie, BJ Zama, Nkeng Stephens (who shot my first video), Miss Lee Studios, Willbeatz, Lips Photography, LexiSugar, Nikki V, TafSound and Tinzim Fon for being a part of my incredible journey.

Really!? I don’t get a thank you? No love coming my way huh?!!. (Laughs)

Zemie; I saved the best for last. (laughs) Thank you so much for your time and using this platform to  put me out there some more. Every artist needs as much exposure as they can get. So thank you Sammy.

I knew you did darling.(smiles) You’re welcome. God Bless your Hustle. Keep Repping Kmer. We are proud of you. Gooooooo Zemie!!!


(Interview; Courtesy of Samyrablog.wordpresss.com)

( Photo Credit; Lips Photography)

Hellooooooo Wooooooooorld!!!!!!!!!

Finally, i get my blog started! My friends will say “that’s long overdue” hahhahaha!! If only I stop forgetting my passwords  I probably would’ve had a great blog by now. Anyways, i don’t plan on forgetting this one seeing as i have written the password down in every notebook and phone memo i could find. hihihihh! So, yaaaay am super excited about joining the bloggers in Cameroon who have noticeably increased in numbers during the past year BUT FIRST LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF;

My name is Samyra Mankaa and I am a proud Cameroonian. I am 24 years old and a graduate from the Anglo- saxon University of Buea where i obtained a Bsc. in Journalism and Mass communication. I am currently doing a masters program in Communication at the Advanced School of Mass Communication. I loooooooove writing especially articles about fashion, relationships and  travel. My blog will cover articles from current “gist” in Cameroon to articles on fashion trends. Relationships of every kind are always a hot topic so based on my experience and those of others i will have posts on relationships; family, romantic relationships and friendships. I intend to inspire other people and also be a friend.  Who knows? I just might change a life or two. P.S Let the blogging journey begin!!! #stayHappy #GodaboveallelseTina 20140624_141802